Food Design

Food Design

Experiential Design for a new gastronomy

We propose new ways of interacting with food. We turn sauces, foods or plates into interactive interfaces opening a world of possibilities for the gastronomic experience.

We are members of, and one of the few experience design studios combining gastronomy, art, interaction and technology.



Winners in Big Food Awards 2016. Di_mad. MATADERO DE MADRID.

Interactive aromatic plants. They light up and sound when touched.

Interactive sauces.


Experiential Catering.

Because we know that transmitting brand values is fundamental, we want to help you promote technological values, innovation and sustainability in your events through our Experiential Catering.

Interactive plants, sauces sounding when wet, generating sounds when taking a canapé or tasting an Iberian ham cut live with our amazing jamoncello, are just some of the possibilities of our catering.

This innovative integration of experiential design, quality gastronomy and technology has obtained outstanding successes in events such as ArtSkills 2018, Gastrofestival 2016, FIAB 16 feeding the future and awarded in the BigFood Awards of the Madrid Design Center.