We advocate for the role of gastronomy as a means of artistic expression, a generator of creativity and innovation, and a cultural driving force.

We specialize in eating design, creating new multisensory relationships with food, products, and objects by exploring previously uncharted connections between music, art, society, and technology.


We design Interactive Gastronomy experiences, proposing innovative ways to interact with food. We transform sauces, foods, or plants into interactive interfaces, opening up a world of possibilities for the gastronomic experience, allowing communication with both physical and audiovisual elements.

This can be of great help to chefs, restaurants, caterers, producers, agencies, and brands, enabling them to surprise and convey values and concepts in a unique way.









Interactive plants with personalities, sauces that produce sounds when being dipped, serving a glass of wine with a simulated grape stomping experience, or savoring freshly sliced Iberian ham with our surprising “jamoncello” are just some of our Gastronomic Experiences.

Through our actions and experiential implementations for Catering, we help convey technological, innovative, and sustainable values at events such as Madrid Design Festival, La Vuelta Ciclista Femenina a España, Gastrofestival, Food Design Festival, FIAB, BBVA summits, and Oracle summits.


A surprising and original musical instrument where slicing an Iberian ham produces sounds reminiscent of a cello being played. This action is perfect for event receptions, catering, or performances. Besides captivating the attendees, it’s well-known that a good Iberian ham is always a hit, and we guarantee a perfectly tuned slicing experience.

Step Wine Step

Step Wine Step reimagines the way we enjoy a glass of wine by bringing the origin of production into the moment of consumption. It invites us to reflect on the efforts behind the artisanal crafting of many products that have graced our table throughout history or even today. Step Wine Step is a grape stomping simulator, a product designed to preserve a tradition that is gradually fading away due to technological advancements.

Sound matrix of test tubes

An interactive installation designed especially for cocktails or liquids, where the audience, as well as the bartenders when replenishing test tubes, activate and modulate the audio, creating a unique musical composition.


Based on the classic game Operation, we propose gamifying the sweet ending with gummy candies or chocolates. The challenge is to test your pulse and skill to extract the sweet treat using a pair of tweezers without touching the edges. A fun and participative experience that takes us back to childhood.

Oye mi salsa

A surprising and fun way to enjoy a flavorful meal. When you dip your food into the sauce, the support illuminates and starts playing salsa music. Dip and dance.

Pure gastronomic synesthesia at its finest!


We propose aromatizing your hands with aromatic plants to add nuances to finger foods or snacks. The method engages all the senses—touch, smell, and taste. These plants have a surprising personality that you interact with when you touch them. “Happy” tickles, and “Devora” enjoys being touched.

Gastronomía en gravedad cero.

Can you imagine eating liquids and small levitating spherifications? That’s what we propose. An incredible speculative design experience where we combine science and gamification to prepare ourselves for the increasingly frequent space travels.

Screen Sauce

A tool for your events to showcase a portfolio, a product catalog, or artworks during an exhibition opening. Through the act of dipping in a sauce, we navigate through the catalog.

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