We specialize in Experience Design, Eating Design, and i+D+Art, where we combine technology, design, and creativity.

Moreover, we are passionate about technology and creativity, and we share this passion with artists, young minds, and the curious.

Experience Design

Interactive installations for events, exhibitions, festivals, and activations, with a strong focus on gamification in interaction processes.

Food Design

We propose new ways of interacting with food. We transform foods and plants into interactive interfaces, opening up a world of possibilities for the gastronomic experience.

TecArt Consulting

Are you an artist, sculptor, musician, chef, or scenographer? Do you want to add interactivity to your creations? We can assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

Non-conventional Education

Workshops for acquiring creative and technological skills and knowledge that would be difficult to obtain in conventional training courses.


Environments and soundscape. Production of audio pieces for installations, lives, performances, advertising and record labels.

Design and production

Generative and conventional identity design and production of all kinds of graphic and web materials.


We are probably the symbiosis you need. The solution for agencies, brands, artists, chefs and anyone who wants to take their projects to a new level through creativity and technology.
Brands like Miele, BBVA, Oracle or Cosentino, agencies like Fazeta, MacGuffin or Cultura Inquieta and Festivals like Madrid Design Festival, ArtSkills, EDCD Medialab-Prado or Madrid Food Design Festival, are some of the clients that trust us.