We are an experience design studio founded by Angel Galán and Santiago Lizón, where we combine technology, design, and creativity.

Coming from diverse backgrounds in art, music, design, and engineering, the logical evolution led us to delve into experience design. Our focus lies in interactions with objects, living plants, and food. We are drawn to the organic and enjoy gamifying everyday experiences. While we use technology, it always remains in the background, making the experience simultaneously more natural and magical. Our goal is to explore and interact with technology while also providing a breath of fresh air in a hyper-accelerated world filled with screens, VRs, and countless apps.

We reinvent traditions and question society through art and technology, advocating for a synesthetic user experience. We believe in a humanized and natural future where technology is not perceived as invasive, and where aesthetic experiences lead us to joy, happiness, and uninhibited expression.

Moreover, we share this passion for technology and creativity with young and curious minds through training workshops. We also assist artists in adding interactive elements to their works, giving them added value.


Angel Galán

Angel Galán

Sociologist, cultural manager, art director and artist. Professor at ESD.

Santiago Lizón

Santiago Lizón

PhD Telecommunications Engineer. Professor at ICAI and ESD Madrid. Musician.


Tlf: 639 86 46 48

Studio C/ Tarragona 23. 28045 Madrid.
Office Avd. Juan Pablo II 24. 28320 (Pinto) Madrid.