We offer courses, talks, and workshops aimed at individuals with diverse interests, particularly young people. These unconventional and enriching experiences allow participants to acquire knowledge and develop creative and technological skills that would be challenging to obtain through traditional training courses. We foster collaborative work and encourage the use of open-source software and hardware tools. The level of interest and engagement from the young participants in our workshops is high, and the results are highly satisfactory.

Feel free to inquire about our workshops; we can tailor them to fit the needs of your project, ensuring an unforgettable learning experience.

In addition to training workshops, we occasionally participate in talks and discussions related to Food Design, design, and innovation. Currently, we teach the subjects of “Creative Programming” and “Design in the Kitchen” at ESD Madrid.


· Soundscape
· Music
· Robotics
· Creativity
· Interactivity
· Food Design
· Visual Arts
· Programming
· Experience Design